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What is Data Visualization & Storytelling?

With so much information being collected through data analysis in the business world today, we must have a way to paint a picture of that data so we can interpret it. 

Data visualization is a way to represent information graphically that highlights patterns and trends and enables viewers to get quick insights that’s cannot be inferred by looking at thousands or rows of information. All types of charts and graphs can be presented in a cohesive narrative to have a better understanding of customers behaviour, marketing strategies, sales trends and whatever else for which there is data. Being able to interact with the data and convey a story to decision-makers allows for faster action to be taken than if presented in individual reports.

Why is Data Visualization & Storytelling important?

Humans, generally, more easily grasp information through visualization. No matter what field your business is in, data visualization can help by delivering information in the most efficient and easy-to-understand way possible. It improves analysis, speeds up actions, allows for identifying patterns and latest trends, just to name a few.

Faster processing

According to the Social Science Research Network, roughly 65% of the population are visual learners. This means that visualizing the data makes it so much easier for the majority of people to see/understand relationships, correlations, trends, etc. That being said, non-visual learners cannot process tens of thousands of rows of data and are benefitted by the graphs and charts as well. A picture paints a thousand words, so a detailed graph does much more.

Interactive dashboard

While a static chart can give you much crucial information, an interactive group of these can give so much more. An all-in-one, customizable dashboard where you can drill down into granularity can provide an incomparable amount of insights versus a point-in-time set graph. By interacting directly with the data, you can obtain answers to questions unavailable otherwise. Whether it be to change timeframes, locations, metrics, etc, a unique dashboard tailored to your business presents the information of value to you.