We advise retail leaders on how to better leverage their combined choices of technology, analytics & design.

About Studio RX

Studio RX is a boutique consulting practice specializing in retail, focusing on the intersection of data, technology, and strategy. We help bridge the widening gap between SMEs and larger companies.

The founder of Studio RX

Carl Boutet
Retail Strategist
& Executive Advisor

About Carl Boutet

Carl Boutet is a Montreal-based Retail Strategist and Executive Advisor with over 25 years of hands-on operational, marketing, merchandising and retail executive experience. He has worked across a full array of retailer environments from the very large, such as 10 years with Costco Wholesale to working as a strategy consultant for a group of 800 independent retailers across Canada. As the founder of StudioRx, he advises retailers, business leaders, B2C solution providers, companies and researchers on how to tailor their solutions according to consumers’ evolving needs and build effective go-to-market strategies.

Available to speak at your event or to your team about how new technologies and business models are transforming the “retail equation”. The title of our latest presentation is based on Carl's book “The Great Acceleration: The Race to Retail Resilience” which can be tailored to address trends in your specific vertical.

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