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The Great Acceleration: The Race to Resilience book

The Great Acceleration—instigated by the many profound impacts of the greatest global pandemic of the past century—opened several portals into the future.

About the Great Acceleration

Following The Great Depression and The Great Recession, The Great Acceleration exposed many business model frailties that we knew needed addressing, yet didn’t expect to occur so rapidly. A rapidly blurring of physical and digital commerce was expected to only occur a decade later. Hence a race to resilience began. Looking to rapidly placate those shortcomings with the proper human and technological resources.

This multimedia “book” project was actually several years in the making. What began as an exploration of what made retailers more relevant to consumers evolved into an exploration around broader notions of ensuring its ongoing business, social and environmental sustainability. Then as lockdowns spread, the word acceleration was on everyone’s lips.

This book will explore the nature of that acceleration, track data points in key global markets, offer highlights of ten interviews with key business and thought leaders, frameworks for the importance of building a Sustainability Flywheel and differentiation via a Retail Relevance Index. Most importantly, how these all tie together to create the resilient organizations we now know must be built in order to better weather imminent forthcoming storms.

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The VIP Experience includes one (1) of a hundred (100) limited edition personalized print copies plus one (1) hour session with Carl to discuss the book’s concepts. You will also receive an e-book download plus 3 months of the upcoming “Race to Resilience” subscription service.